‚ÄčTechnological prowess without soul or vision is like a rudderless ship on a dead sea."

Welcome to the Tangerine Evolution!

Witness (and hopefully participate) in an international peace movement/social experiment that is all about the concept, "Can't we all get along, despite our differences?". 

Here in these web pages, we are always at play with the notions around creativity that inspire the ideas for  "What's next?".

Our "North Star" is evolution as a species, through whatever creative processes we have on hand, through art, science, music, community, culture, mysticism; through good-heartedness and respect for all involved.

The Tangerine Evolution is a worldwide peaceful social experiment that has been manifesting spontaneously since the spring of 2014. It was catalyzed by the flagrant injustices and human rights abuses that are occurring in our world, that cut across all cultures, political ideologies and spiritual creeds. 

If you read the history page, you will see that it was the scientific community that sparked this experiment, and I -your website host- was first a whistle blower against technological corruption, and inevitably, cheer leader for scientific innovation to save the planet. My role has evolved now into witness and journalist as to how the experiment is flourishing (or being challenged). 

In these pages, I will be up-dating you on personal art/music/writing projects I am working on to celebrate and give credence to the international peace movement. I hope that eventually others will find this a place to promote their creativity and innovation as well in service to the T.E.

Please return and visit the blog page frequently, where I will be updating you on all the manifestations as I witness them, daily.  

I will always welcome your input.