Technological prowess without soul or vision is like a rudderless ship on a dead sea."

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History of the Tangerine Evolution

Some Background on the nature of Evolution
How does one identify a starting point, a middle, and an ending to evolution?

One might advocate that it is an arbitrary assignation to attribute evolution to any point in time either in biological evolution, or in social evolution among human beings. Humanity, for most of its existence, did not attribute evolution at all to humankind (example: creationist religions, and many ancient indigenous religions believed human beings to have sprung from the God[s] fully formed).

I would say for the purpose of this social experiment that caught and swept me and a lot of you up in its many processes, there was a point when we believed we were passive witnesses to the inexorably slow (according to the span of a human life) evolution and subtle mutation of our biology, in accordance to random selection causing a rare mutation here and there, to a sense that we are very active agents of change as a social body, as a cultural body and ultimately as a biological body.

The moment I realized I was an agent of Evolution, not just a passive witness
Reflecting on this, I would say that this impulse, this decision to be a driver of evolution awoke in myself years before the first clear social manifestation of the peace movement.

It happened for me in a series of personal awakenings to my gifts of intuition and awareness that happened as a result of some very terrifying persecution that began in Nashville in 2008 as a result of my standing up to seduction and oppression by a number of spy cults in the music and telecommunication industries. For many reasons I won't delve into here. I became a new age witch to be hunted by some of the biggest, well financed bullies on the planet, along with all their underworld minions. The fact that I lived through years of this, and continued to inspire and educate as a social activist and leader in the enlightenment movement garnered me world-wide recognition in a collective drive for democracy and human rights.

I believe the instant when I awoke to being an agent of evolution was at a club in East Nashville. I had performed there a few times, and was bullied and harassed both by other artists, and via the TV screens, were images of porn movies played while I sang my songs on stage. That final night, I stepped off the stage, put down my guitar, went over to the club owner and grabbed his wrist. I said to him, “Time to evolve.”

I hadn't been thinking of evolution at all before those words came out of my mouth, but the rightness and power of them never left me. And, it was a litany that acted as verbal armor every time I had an opportunity to confront one of my persecutors face-to-face.

It was like I became a political prisoner and refugee in my own country
I fled first to Portland, Oregon where I tried to take a stand. The abuse only escalated; home invasions, sadistic games played like body fluids like blood and snot left on furniture in my apartment, and clear messaging that the most private, intimate moments of my life were being broadcast to a multitude.

I had become a non-consensual reality TV show to be mocked and harassed via all the highest tech surveillance toys. When a friend who was being bullied by insurgents in the office where I worked was hit by a car (fortunately just side swiped, but it was hit and run), I fled back to Hawaii.

I fled back home to Hawaii
For awhile I thought I was safe, but the home invasions and sadistic games began again while back on the island of Oahu. Items like passport and birth certificate where stolen. It became clear to me that the intent was to either destroy my mind, or kill me and make it look like a suicide; make me disappear from history.

In one of the places where I had been house sitting, black paint had been poured into one of my shoes, food stolen out of the refrigerator, marijuana mixed with Italian seasoning, and other sadistic games culminating with a urine stain on the enclosed patio the day I was to conclude house sitting there.

I was strobed by lasers from Drones
Insane as it sounds, I began being strobed by lasers when I went out at night. They could only have come from drones, because there was never any sound of aircraft, and the lasers would follow me for miles. I could see the pinpoint of light dancing around at my feet coming from directly over my head. It was very unsettling that one of the nights I was most harassed in this was the anniversary of John. F. Kennedy's assassination. I called every authority: police, military, the airport authority, etc. An officer at the local police station confirmed at one point that the lasers came from planes and there was “atmospheric testing” going on. I later wrote a song about the experience, which will appear on the “Tangerine Evolution” album that I plan to release in 2015, along with many other songs focusing on love and activism, for which I intend a percentage of the proceeds to go towards charities fostering peace, worldwide. More on that later....

I was tortured and there were repeated attempts on my life
Soon after, there were repeated attempts to poison me with a variety of deadly toxins which caused me to endure months of excruciating pain, welts, blood blisters and lesions in my mouth and ears and other vulnerable parts of my body.  Eventually chemical burns opened sores on the bottom of my feet and for some months I couldn't wear shoes without enduring excruciating pain. 

One medical professional - using an online app - speculated that the symptoms were comparable to mercury poisoning. A professional state toxicologist later cast doubt on this theory and informed me that several ounces of the material would need to be collected in order to accurately identify it (which I could never do as the substances were only detectable in trace amounts of crystalline powder, or as a yellow, sticky substance smeared on a surface).  A number of times in recent months, the symptoms corresponded with a strong taste and smell of chlorine.

Meanwhile, the world – including a growing number of horrified, and sympathetic supporters - was watching....

02.28.14 The Pink Revolution is born
During the week of Feb. 23rd to Feb. 28th 2014, there took place at the Hawaii Convention Center, the “17th Ocean Sciences Meeting”. This humble title does not do the week-long event justice. Thousands of scientists convened from all over the world, filling the lecture halls with all the latest data presentations that have been gathered around the topic of ocean stability and sustainability. I was merely a tourist at the event, but since ocean conservation is an issue close to my heart, I thoroughly enjoyed immersing myself in the many workshops and community “town hall” style meetings. Plus it was a way to immerse myself in a sane and wholesome community as the abuse escalated.

Performing at the Open Mic Night

On Tuesday, it was announced that there would be a musical open mic for the scientists taking place at the Orchid Lounge at Alamoana Center. It was open to the public. I brought my guitar and signed up early. In fact, I was first to perform after the house band performed a couple songs. The band stayed on stage, but the sound man was nowhere to be found. I was provided with a mic for my vocals and guitar, but no monitor and no way to plug my guitar in. In other words, I couldn’t hear myself.

As I waited for the sound man to appear (he never did) I suddenly regained my old stage craft and began speaking to the packed and noisy throng of scientists and other revelers at the bar. Quoting: “I have a confession to make. I am an insurgent here among all you scientists. You see, I am a psychic intuitive, energy working …. Goddess! I have to tell you it was tough sneaking in here. I had to get around NOAA, Black Ops, and I even had to dodge lasers from silent air craft! (There were looks of shock among some audience members at this statement.) I am here to deliver a message. You see, I have been attending your Ocean Science event, and I am so impressed by the work all of you are doing. You need to understand … you are the Rock Stars of this decade, and you are going to save all of our butts!”

A huge cheer erupted from the audience, and I realized I now had cover to sing my songs.

The first song was a jazzy number I wrote a few years ago entitled, “Same Thing Only Different”. I was very nervous but the backing band was very supportive and helped me through a few rough spots.

The audience was supportive. I told them that the next song was my attempt to play with commonly held beliefs about science and the nature of reality, and so I sang this new blues song, “The Speed of Love” I had written, and I performed it for the first time in front of a live audience. The band was great, and at moments when I could not hear my guitar and lost the chords, they came through and made me sound good. Here are the lyrics.

Speed of Love

Lyrics by Sharman O'shea and Gail Lloyd

I move at the speed of love
I move at the speed of love
Like a bridge in the dark
I create that spark
I move at the speed of love.

Before I was here there was darkness
Now I'm here it’s so bright
I dance in the shadows
but you can't see me
I move at the speed of light

Chorus: (sing speed of light)

You think that you can best me
breaking barriers of sound and mind
But you've just begun
while I've just returned
I move at the speed of time

Chorus: (sing speed of time)


Mother Nature all around us
Every color for us to use
green, or yellow,
purple or red
you know I move at the speed of the blues !

Chorus: (sing speed of the blues)

Blood flowing in my veins

Soul soaring high above
I'll give, give,
give you some more
'cause I move at the speed of love!!
Chorus: (sing speed of love)

I received a big cheer. And, I left the event soon afterwards.

The next day, I put on a bright pink knit dress, and what I call my “Jackie Kennedy” pale pink sweater, and returned to the Ocean Sciences meet up.

From that day, I noticed that there were a growing number of people wearing pink, both men and women. I made note of it both in social media.

The Pink Revolution had begun.
In the succeeding days, I noticed more people - not just at the Ocean Sciences meet up - but people in my own community of Kailua began appearing in the streets and stores, at the beach, on the hiking trails... all wearing pink: bright pink shirts, pink shorts, pink hats, pink shoe laces, pink bags. They were everywhere. I noted that the Asian tourist community showed remarkable solidarity, and there were growing numbers of young mothers and their children wearing pink. Many young men wore pink as well.

It rapidly becomes an international phenomenon

On Facebook more of my friends began uploading pictures of themselves wearing pink, and men and women, celebrities, refugees in war zones, news people, politicians all around the world, wearing pink.

I began calling it the “Gentle Revolution of the spring of 2014”. On March 6th, 2014 the Honolulu Star Advertiser featured women in pink on the cover of several of the sections, and within the body of the paper: pink hair, pink dresses, pink shorts.

* Note -The revolution is about taking a stand against exploitation by government entities like the NSA, banks, corporations, shadowy militias and secret agencies who violate, bully and harass activists, and sexually abuse women and children and other vulnerable minorities without accountability.

The Yellow Shirts (the shadow polarization of the Pinks)

Those who stood against me wore yellow shirts (which symbolized the home invasions and stalking events that culminated in the urine stain appearing on the floor of the home I was caring for). Those advocating abuse of power, bullying and harassing began wearing bright yellow shirts to mock and intimidate me on that day, and in growing numbers in the community and eventually internationally as well in the succeeding weeks).

The Tangerine Evolution is born:
Here is where I began making the shift from merely a target to a reporter, providing documentation and analysis of what was manifesting. Being ever mindful that it was the scientific community which sparked the Pink Revolution, I began framing the analysis as a “social experiment”, and encouraged creativity in the community on my social media site, encouraging people to continue to creatively express themselves with what they were wearing.

The T.E. began with the young people of Hawaii demonstrating the spirit of Aloha
On the island of Oahu, as I went about my day (at this point, mainly fleeing from the poisoners, acquiring non-poisoned cloths and washing, washing, washing my body and car), I began noticing something that was both remarkable, and ultimately endearing. I saw young kids walking about, clearly good friends; one wearing pink, the other wearing yellow. In the midst of all my panic and anxiety, I couldn’t help but laugh at their light-hearted and ingenious attempts to evolve the conflict.

Pink and yellow become ascendant
This new manifestation quickly evolved into the young people wearing patterns of red, pink and yellow, or perhaps yellow socks with reds shoes and a pink hat. The Asian visitors where quick to pick up on the trend with very charming and stylish nods to this latest development. Soon the trend spread to the entire visitor and residential community on Oahu, and beyond.

It was a beautiful manifestation of what Hawaii is a pioneer in: the “spirit of Aloha” which states we can love each other and get along despite our differences.

Pink + Yellow = Tangerine
I decided to offer a next step in unity to see if it might catch hold. I could see that there were people - both residents and tourists on both sides of the political spectrum - who were becoming increasingly intrigued and compassionate, but didn't want to get caught up in anything the seemed extreme or like a cult.

I suggested Tangerine, a combining of the two colors. I suggested that we name it “Evolution” rather than revolution because a lot of people would like to evolve community without the drama of revolution.

The concept exploded. There were suddenly people wearing Tangerine Everywhere. In the months to come, I looked to the community for trends, and would spotlight them as they manifested. This is how the other flowerings came into being.

The Turquoise Evolution

A prominent flowering turned into the Turquoise Evolution, which - once again - was inspired by the young people in the community. It is the most free and undefined of all the flowerings for the next generation to define as they will.

04.16.14 Social Media post about the Tangerine Evolution
I put on a newly purchased dress with a sort of peacock pattern, predominantly tangerine in color; also turquoise, yellow and pink and wrapped a pink sweater around my shoulders to start my day. And there it all was: the outline for my newest thoughts on the Tangerine Evolution. 

1. The Tangerine Evolution couldn’t have begun without the Pink Revolution.
The P.R. is the platform from which all social experimentation is flourishing, currently. Not all of us in the Pink Revolution really desire to wear pink, we just believe it to be our social obligation until rights and protections are established for women, children, and all the other vulnerable minorities in society. Sadly (as I see by the overwhelming number of men, women, and children wearing pink), there are so many of us who are vulnerable in our world, currently. There is such a tiny minority of extremely wealthy, powerful people who are wreaking so much destruction on the vast majority of human lives in the United States, and across the globe.

None of us in the Pink Revolution could possibly have imagined at the outset how powerful the creative way in which we dress (and artistically express our selves) is revealing the truth of the human condition. Truth is the most valuable commodity of this social experiment. It was the vital missing ingredient from our broken communities that had been leached away by the diabolical few who intend ill for the majority of Earth’s population.

What is so desperately needed right now is clarity of intent. When none of us knows what the other believes or is thinking, shadows grow in our minds. No matter what you believe, if you are living in a community based on lies and deception, you begin to mistrust and doubt everyone in your community, and everything about your community.

You feel isolated, unsupported, and that most people are out to get you.

Can you not feel the lifeblood flowing back into the community with everyone “wearing their hearts on their sleeves”?

Don’t you feel braver, and clearer about your beliefs and convictions? 

This feeling is the sign that your community is growing healthier and more balanced.

2. The Pink Revolution has the Tangerine Evolution’s back.
The P.R. is a non-violent, social revolution. Its premise is that in a society, we have the right to certain protections and freedoms under the law. Forgiveness and tolerance is also a central premise. At the same time, we have zero tolerance for the targeting and abuse of innocent, law-abiding individuals, those who are vulnerable and are minorities. Put simply and clearly: no intentional harm to your fellow citizens. 

I know, for the military community, this is a tough one. I would say to those who have signed on to protect their country, if you hold the intention that your service is ultimately dedicated towards a peaceful world community, and safety for those you pledged to protect, this will help all of us doing our part as civilians. If you are ordered to harm another, you can commit in your heart to say: “I must do my duty, but my intentions as a peaceful warrior is to do no harm to another whenever possible.” And then you could do some sort of penance to the family or community you have harmed at some point. You could also conduct a daily compassion practice, whereby you do an act of kindness for another to make amends for the harm you are commissioned to cause. Unfortunately, whenever you do harm to another human being, you cause terrible harm to the valuable and fragile being that you are. So you must be very vigilant to keep the network of civilization from tearing irreparably by your acts of war. 

However, if you are in the more “negative yellow” zone: the “we can do whatever we want because we have power and money and it doesn’t matter who we harm, just so long as we get to do what we want without accountability” group, and decide to become enlightened as you realize the horrible trajectory this behavior is taking your community and the world...

Try going “tangerine"! We will welcome and celebrate you!

Truly, all past misunderstandings are forgiven.

The positive aspect of yellow
I know there are a lot of successful business people who have taken the colors yellow and red because they believe in free enterprise, pragmatism and personal responsibility. I would say that this is the positive aspect of the “yellows”. The Pinks could learn a lot from the yellows if they would be willing to treat the Pink’s platform with respect. And, quite frankly, the yellows could benefit from the pinks. You would be a lot happier if you had our love and compassion in your world. 

Social experimentation can be a religious and/or political manifestation, but I hope we who are currently participating in this experiment will minimize going too deeply into these areas. That is my intention.

3. Diving deeper into the Tangerine zone:
Tangerine is (of course) a color which is a mixture of yellow and pink. However, I have never fully embraced the “oneness philosophy”. Humans are too stubbornly individual, quirky, and different from each other to ever think alike and want to be like everyone else. I celebrate different-ness. In fact, I even wrote a song about this idea and named an entire album: “Dare to Be Different” because I so deeply believe in this premise. 

To my mind, the Tangerine Evolution is the free-est part of the whole social experiment.

It can mean pretty much whatever you want if you just relinquish the belief of “my way for everyone, or the highway”.

See it as a pixilated color.

I don’t see it so much as a color, really, except maybe as pixilated color. We know with all color generated digitally that if you get down close enough, you don’t see a single color, you see a whole array of dots of different colors. It is only when you draw back far enough do they blend into a specific color. Or, as with the spectrum of light, when light beams combine, they form a certain color, but if they separate again, they have never lost their essential wave length. Nothing is lost of essential value; the combining of elements only presents and interesting difference or gain. 

4. The Tangerine Evolution is very profoundly based on the cultural tradition in Hawaii of the spirit of Aloha.

Let us consider for a moment the history of another remote island culture: the lesson of Easter Island. A scan of the history reveals a violent war-like people who were constantly committing terrible acts against one another, and exploiting the limited resources of the island. Over time, Easter Island became a barren place depleted of resources, and the people there died out or went away.

As we know, Hawaii has its own violent chapters in its history, but somewhere along the way, the spirit of Aloha became woven into the story here, along with a deep reverence and respect for the land and resources. This reverence manifested in a partitioning of the land and coastal waters for certain purposes and a system of “kapus” which essentially were reminders that people do not dominate the land and sea, but are partners with it, and protectors of it for future generations.

Hawaii’s limitations; i.e., its remoteness from other lands, and its limited space and resources have proven to be the foundation for its greatest gifts and example of strength to the world: this notion of “Aloha” which enables people from vastly different cultures to get along with each other, and the notion of “Kapu” which is a practice of having respect for resources, and a system of equitable sharing. These are essential lessons that the world needs right now. These social experiments were established and proven long ago, and they are strongly woven into the Tangerine Evolution. 

I would even go so far as to say that, in my opinion, all of us who are currently living in Hawaii right now are here for a very important reason: we are engaged in a social lesson of learning the spirit of Aloha.

5. Can’t we all get along?
This is what the Tangerine Revolution is asking. I see a lot of the local young people wearing bands of red, green and yellow. I know the good yellow and the good red have to do with Hawaiian Royalty here, and I love how they are shining these colors, celebrating their heritage and saying that they have reverence for the land, as well. But I hope they are mindful of the difficulties of societies that have attempted “separate-but-equal” (just bringing this into community awareness).

I also see holy figures like the Buddhists doing their part to elevate all colors into a mindful spectrum of beauty and respect. I am so grateful for their enlightenment, lighting a path for all of us.

6. The Tangerine Evolution is about a hopeful, open-ended future. It asks,
“What’s next?”

Let’s make sure we all survive long enough on this good green and blue Earth to find out.

Final note, I just want to comment on how thrilling it is to see all the clothing designers jumping in with diabolical creativity. Again, who knew how much and how powerfully messages could be gotten across by the wearing of certain raiment?

Hawaii has always been a beautiful, creative haven for intuition, innovation and genius. It shouldn’t be a place of oppression, cruelty and fear. It wasn’t meant to be thus. These islands have now become a fountainhead of a world wide New Age Rennaisance.

Can’t we all get along? Indeed, we must.

Update: I have now escaped to the Big Island of Hawaii where there exists a compassionate underground, representing the international community standing for human rights. There has only been one instance of poisoning since I have been here, living in the community of Halualoa. I know I need to be careful these days as to whom I accept food offerings from.  My ears may be permanently damaged from the mercury poisoning. I continue to seek holistic remedies.